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Welcome to Aetaomah  School


Aetaomah is a small school nestled in the heart of the Tweed Valley in the foothills of Mt Warning, a short bus ride from Murwillumbah or Uki. 

We offer Kinder to Year 7 education based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner.

The curriculum is organised in accordance with the physical, social and emotional development of the child. Subjects or aspects of subjects are taught at the time most suited to the age of the children.

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free individuals who are able, out of their own initiative, to impart purpose and direction in their lives.”     

..... Rudolf Steiner

Term Dates 2024

TERM 1          Monday February 5th –  Thursday April 11th            (10 weeks)

                .     Kindergarten First Day Monday 12th February 

TERM 2         Monday April 29th  –  Thursday June 27th               (9 weeks)

TERM 3         Monday  July 22nd   –  Friday Sept 20th                  (9 weeks)

TERM 4         Monday  October 14th – Thursday December 12th  (9 weeks)

                      Kindergarten Last day 5th December 2024


Summer Holidays: Friday 13/12/2024 to Friday 31/01/2025 *Back to School on Monday February 3rd 2025.



Friday 29th March             Good Friday

Monday 1st April               Easter Monday

Monday 10th June            Kings Birthday

Term Dates 2025

TERM 1          Tuesday February 4th –  Thursday April 10th           (10 weeks)

                .     (2 weeks holiday)

TERM 2         Tuesday April 29th  –  Thursday June 26th               (9 weeks)

                   (3 weeks holiday)

TERM 3         Tuesday July 22nd   –  Thursday Sept 18th                (9 weeks)

                      (3 weeks holiday)

TERM 4         Tuesday October 14th – Thursday December 11th    (9 weeks)


Kindergarten begin 1 week after primary in term 1 and finish for the year 1 week earlier than primary.


Summer Holidays: Friday 12/12/2024 to Monday 2/2/2026 *Back to School on Tuesday February 2nd 2026.



Friday 18th April                Good Friday

Monday 21st April             Easter Monday

Monday 9th June              Kings Birthday

Telephone: 0266 797 255

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 3136 UKI NSW 2484

School address: 2486 Kyogle Road, Terragon NSW 2484

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